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How it Works

We've dramatically simplified the design process. It's never been easier to get a design that will wow your customers and set you apart from your competitors. Just follow these three simple steps:

1. Brief →
2. Collaborate →
3. Wrap-up

1. Tell us what you need.

To start your project, select one of our packages. We'll ask you a few simple questions to create your brief. The brief helps us understand your tastes and provides the designers the information they need to create something you'll love.

Interactive Q&A customized for your project category.
Flexible pricing for everyone.
Simple (takes just a few minutes) and proven process.
Our designers can create beautiful and functional logos, websites, marketing materials, product packaging, product designs - pretty much any design for print and/or online use. Our namers can help you name a business or product. Take a look at our categories and if you don't see what you are looking for, ask us. We are friendly and happy to help.

Projects run for 7 days, but you can shorten them to as little as 1 day if you're in a hurry. Many entries come in the last few days of a project, and we encourage you to wait until the project ends before picking your favorite (tell us if you want to close the project early). You can extend your project for free, up to 7 more days if you need more time.

How much will it cost and what's included? Zignative packages start at $99 in most categories. All packages include the award to the designer and zignative's fee, a custom legal contract giving you full rights to the work you're buying, free focus groups (design projects only), our award-winning customer support, tools and platform. You can select packages and features based on what you need and your budget. You will always know upfront exactly what you'll pay, with no hidden costs and no surprises.
Absolutely! Every project on zignative is protected by a custom legal contract giving you full rights to the work you're buying. If you have multiple awards, you'll have separate contracts for each. Once the contract is signed and the creative is paid after you approve the final deliverables in your project, you can use the design (or name) any way you like. You can change it or alter it in any way – it's yours. The non-winning work remains the property of the person who created that work. This means you may not use those other entries (or any portions of them) in any way. But we give you an easy way to add awards and make offers in your projects when you find more than one design (or name) you love.

2. Work with super-talented designers

With over 20,000 designers around the globe (from Romania to Zimbabwe, and everywhere in between), our global design community is ready to help you 24/7. Work with them in a way that works for you.

Multiple designers submit dozens of concepts.
Review, rate, and give feedback.
One price. Pick the design you love.

With a design contest project, designers share dozens of concepts based on your brief. Review and rate the designs as they arrive, and designers will revise as you provide feedback. When the project ends, just pick the one you love!

You'll see dozens of entries from multiple designers. We'll let you know every time a new entry or comment comes in and invite you to give feedback. The more feedback you provide, the more entries you'll receive. Years of experience show us that projects with active clients will receive more than double the entries compared to projects with low client participation.
Absolutely! In fact, this is a key factor for success. Once the entries start rolling in, let the designers know what you think about their entries. You can score and give individual feedback. You can also update your brief if you want to address all participants in your project. They are happy to make changes and iterate on their designs. When you score each entry (1 to 5 stars), your score and comments are private. Only you and the individual designer will see the star rating and comments on their design. Updates to your brief are public for all participants in the project.
Like more than one entry? It happens all the time. You can start your project with multiple awards or add awards at any time during your project. You can also make offers on additional entries after your project has been awarded.
Want to keep things on the down low? We offer privacy settings like search engine exclusion, non-disclosure agreements (NDA's), and private galleries so only you can see the designs. Want to know how your project compares to other projects? Look for the happy/sad face in your project. Click on it and we'll share stats about your participation and how your project compares to others. Creatives use these stats to decide whether to participate, so stay active and involved. The non-winning work remains the property of the person who created that work. This means you may not use those other entries (or any portions of them) in any way. But we give you an easy way to add awards and make offers in your projects when you find more than one design (or name) you love.

3. Pick the winning design and finalize the project.

When you're happy with a design, select it as the winner. You'll review design proofs and make refinements. After you approve the final files, zignative will pay the designer and you'll receive full intellectual property rights to the design.

Select the winner.
Make final adjustments.
Receive full rights to the work you purchased.
You have seven days to select your favorite after the project closes. Sometimes, you might need an extra few days. Just let us know when that happens. Before making the final decision, you may want to run a free focus group. All design packages include unlimited focus groups. A focus group (also called a "poll") allows you to invite friends, customers, colleagues and anyone else to vote and comment on their favorite designs (you can assign weighted votes or let each vote count equally). Anyone is eligible to vote as long as they have the special voting URL we'll provide to you (they will not need to register an account). Your focus group can be public or private - you choose! You fully control whom you invite to each focus group and what designs are included in each focus group.
In design projects, you'll have a private area to complete the project with the designer you chose. If you have more than one award, you'll have a separate wrap-up with each designer. Each of you will sign the legal contract for the project (giving you full rights once the designer is paid). You can continue to iterate and request changes in wrap-up to make sure the design is just right. Once you approve the proof files, the designer will create and send final files for your approval. Once you approve the final files, we pay the designer and you own full rights to the work. In naming projects, you'll sign the contract and confirm the name and that's it - it's yours.
For each project category, we'll recommend required file types and will ask the winning designer to provide you with appropriate final files. You can always request specific formats you or your printer require.