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Logo Design Contest Service
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Logo design needed for a Moving Company

We offer delivery and moving services. Secondary services are: renovation and removal of building waste after construction

By expertdomus

Logo Design Automotive

36 designs

Winner Selected

11% feedback (5)

Logo design needed for a construction company

We offer renovating services: paiting, interior design, tiling, granite, marble flooring. We are a small team with over 20 years of experience, and we would like to make our name 'memorable'.

By renovafix

Logo Design Construction

86 designs

Winner Selected

No feedback

Logo for an outstanding Law Office

Assisting and representing all ranges of clients (but with a slight focus on SME's) in various legal proceedings - pre-litigation consultancy, litigation, arbitration, settlements. My expertise includes civil/commercial, IP, administrative…

By tommy

Logo Design Legal

109 designs

Winner Selected

15% feedback (33)

New logo wanted for beer market

An online shop geared towards high end clients serving a huge selection of beer from Bavaria.

By allguth

Logo Design Restaurant

62 designs

Winner Selected

19% feedback (22)

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